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5 Ideas for the perfect Winter Wedding in Michigan

At Beacon Hill we host weddings all year round. Our venue can be the perfect place to host your winter wonderland!

Here are 5  ideas for a memorable winter wedding:

1. Elegant short coats:

brittany todd

Picture by:

Black Tie New Year's Eve Wedding at Richmond's Quirk Hotel with Neutral Colors and Fur Shawls photographed by Katelyn James Photography

Picture by:

Bridesmaids accessorized their black floor-length gowns with fur shawls and muffs. #WinterWedding Photography: Aaron Delesie Photographer. Read More:

Picture by:

2. Beautiful and seasonal DIY decorations:


PineCones and candles inspired winter wedding centerpieces

Picture by:

Creative Winter Wedding Ideas,,

Picture by:

winter wedding, pine cone decor-

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3. Hot Cocoa Bar:


Printable hot chocolate bar kit in black and gold. Hosting a gathering this winter? Treat your guests to the growing trend of a hot chocolate bar! A great addition to any Christmas party, new years party, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, etc. Simply print, trim, and display!

Picture by: ThePrettyPaperStudio

{Wedding Themes} Hot Chocolate – DIY Weddings

Picture by:

Hot chocolate and cider bar at winter wedding. Beaver Creek Park Hyatt Resort & Spa. Cat Mayer Studio. Stonewood Vintage.

Picture by:

4. Winter theme wedding invitations:


Winter Wedding Invitation Suite Birch Trees Snow Black

Picture by: ComplementaryDesign

Elegant Winter Wedding Invitations ❤ See more: #weddings

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Beautiful winter wedding invitation, wedding stationary, winter wonderland wedding invitation

Picture by:

5. Cozy Wedding Favors:


Blankets Winter Wedding Favors

Picture by: thatweddingshop

Pashmina Favors | Hello Love Photography | mStarr Event Design

Picture by:

To have & to hold in case you get cold - such a fab idea for your #guests {Megan Clouse Photography}

Picture by: Megan Clouse Photography

Beacon Hill Golf Club and Banquet Hall Blog

Great Wedding Color Palettes We Love

Looking for that perfect group of colors for your wedding? Depending on when you are getting married, you’ll probably want to choose colors according to the season your big day is in. But you don’t have to, it’s your day after all, you get to choose whatever colors you want. (And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) We put together a brief list of colors we really love together to help you get started. There are so many different color combinations, it’s hard to choose!

Coral and Turquoise

If you are aiming for a bright beach-like color theme, this one could be perfect for you. These two colors together really pop out in front of a white background. Even if you are hosting your event in one of the colder months, this could really brighten things up!

Coral and Turquoise color combination

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey are amazing together! Grey tuxes for the guys with just a pop of that bright pink color in the boutonniere looks awesome. Plus, if you are a fan of the color pink, it’s a good way to get it incorporated into your wedding without forcing too much of it on your fiancé if they aren’t a fan of pink also.

Wedding Color Palettes

Rose Gold

If you are looking for some sparkle and glamour, rose gold is a great way to go. You can make your big day look elegant and gorgeous all with just this one color. Mix it with a little pink or plain gold and you’ve got yourself an even greater combination.

Wedding color palette ideas

Chartreuse and Eggplant

These two colors really bring out the best in each other. The dark purple makes the chartreuse pop out so nice! If you want to have a unique color combination, this one is for you!

Chartreuse and Eggplant


We hope these suggestions helped you out a little bit. If you are looking for more ideas, stop by our Pinterest page! And let us know if any of these color combinations struck your fancy in the comment section below.

5 Great DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want to Take Home

When you attend a wedding, there is usually a favor for you to take home right? How often do you actually take one home with you? Or, even if you take it home, how often is it something you actually want or will use? Probably not too often. Well, we’ve found some awesome DIY wedding favors that your guests will love. Just one more thing that will make your wedding one to remember! Check out the links under each project for all the directions you’ll need to make them yourself.

1. Local Honey or Jam

Most people like sweets. What’s sweeter than honey or jam? All you need for this DIY is some little jars, some ribbon or twine, maybe a custom label if you want to get fancy, some honey or jam and a few extra pairs of hands.  Not only does the favor look cute but your guests will gladly take them home!

Beacon Hill Weddings

2. S’mores Kit

Who doesn’t love s’mores? All that chocolate-y and marshmallow-y goodness is hard to resist. You can create a really cute little s’mores kit for each of your guests for a pretty low price. So not only are these favors awesome, but they are also fairly cheap, which if you are planning your wedding currently, you know shaving off a few bucks here and there can really help your budget. For specific instructions and a price breakdown for two different versions check out the link below the image!

S’mores Kit for Michigan Wedding

3. Homemade Candles

Candles are always great gifts. They make your home smell nice and a lot of people like to have one or two on hand. You can never have too many candles! These candles are fairly easy to make and you can choose any number of different scents to add to them and even experiment and mix some together to create your own new scent. Just for your wedding!

Wedding Favor ideas

4. Vanilla Extract

That wonderful aroma of vanilla extract in your kitchen is amazing, right? Well, you can give your guests an amazing DIY gift that is functional, delicious and smells awesome. All you need for these gorgeous little favors is some vanilla beans, your favorite spirit, some bottles, labels and time! If you don’t have a few months, you can always end the process a little early and leave a little bit of alcohol’s flavor which is awesome too!

Vainilla Wedding favor ideas

5. Succulents

These favors are perfect for Spring weddings. These small plants look nice and nothing says Spring like plants and flowers! All you need for these favors is to buy some succulents, create a container to put them in and grab some twine/ribbon and tags to get cute little plants your guests will want to take home and watch grow. Just like your love! (Too corny? #sorrynotsorry)

Wedding favor ideas


6 Spring Wedding Ideas to Get You Inspired

Are you thinking about hosting your wedding event in the Spring? We love Spring weddings here at Beacon Hill! There are some beautiful color palettes to choose from that only look right in Spring. Having an outdoor ceremony is a great way to incorporate Spring into your wedding and enjoy the fresh air while you’re saying “I Do”. If you need a little inspiration to help you plan out the perfect Spring wedding, we have some great ideas here to get you on your way.

1. Pastels

Pastels are perfect in the Spring! The light and airy tones can really make a gorgeous wedding palette. You can break tradition and have mismatched bridesmaid dresses that can each incorporate a different pastel. It’s fun and very bright and it allows the ladies to pick out a color that they like best. Everyone wins!

Spring Wedding Michigan2. Watercolor

Incorporating watercolor into a Spring wedding is a must! Using a pastel color can keep it rooted firmly in a spring tradition while the watercolor style keeps it fun and light hearted. An awesome place to use watercolor is on your cake and invitations. If you or someone in your family loves DIY projects you could even create your own!

Watercolor wedding Michigan

Watercolor invitation Michigan Wedding3. Floral prints

The first thing everyone thinks about when they think of Spring is flowers. Of course, flowers are a great addition to a Spring wedding, but not a necessity (See number 5 for more on that!). If you want to include flowers without actually including the real thing, you can use great floral prints.

Floral Print wedding dress

4. Flowers/Garlands

Of course, if you are all about flowers, that’s awesome too! There are so many great floral combinations you can use for Spring. Having so many options can make it tough to choose. Garlands are also a great option to bring some Spring freshness to your wedding. Why not a little of both in a gorgeous table runner?

5. Paper for more than your wedding invitations

Still not into the flowers? Well one of the hot new trends is to use paper flowers! Paper flowers can bring a fun whimsical effect to your wedding while still having a touch of elegance and sophistication. Plus, they are cheaper than regular flowers and you can easily whip some up if you like DIY activities. You can get them in any color you want at any time of the year too, and they won’t wilt. You don’t have to stick with plain colors though, you can mix in some book pages or even some sheet music.

 Paper decoration Michigan Wedding

6. Neutral tone Groom

Let’s be honest, black is pretty boring right? And it’s so dark! Definitely not a Spring color. Giving the groom’s attire a neutral tone can really tie in well with the lighter tones of Spring. Consider a light grey or a beige color for the groom’s tux. You can put in a nice pop of Spring color with the tie and/or the boutonniere.

Neutral tone Groom - Wedding Ideas for men

Overall, if you are trying to plan an awesome Spring wedding, just keep it light and fun! Hopefully these tips can help you on your way to planning your ultimate Spring wedding. Just remember, your wedding is all about you and your significant other, make sure you do what makes you both happy! If you want some more inspiration and some DIY tips, be sure to visit our Pinterest page.

Choosing a Wedding Date

Choosing the Best Date to Get Married

Once you’re engaged there is one question that gets asked right after you show off the ring, “so when’s the big day?”. In almost every single case this question is asked way too soon for you to even have an idea. While people certainly treat you as if you could answer this question less than a day after the proposal, most can’t. It takes time to come up with a date and with so many variables where do you even start? Have no fear, here are the best tips we could find to ensure you have an answer to that pesky question and avoid the headaches that come along with getting it.

Keep the season in mind

If you live in a climate that has varying weather dependent on the season be sure to take this into account. While this may seem obvious, all the other variables may make you lose sight of picking the perfect season for your wedding. Not only should you think about the season of your actual wedding but also the season of your honeymoon destination. If you’re getting married during the summer in Michigan but you plan on honeymooning in Australia, you may be shocked to find that it’s winter in Australia and you won’t get the sun you expected.

The key here is to be flexible. Staying flexible will allow for less hurdles when it comes to honeymoons, venue availability, and individual scheduling. A beautiful and memorable wedding can occur during any season.


Pick a date and stick with it

Once you’ve made sure that your immediate family and any other friends that you must have at your wedding can make a specific date you should set it. After that you should avoid listening to everybody’s opinion on the date. You’ll find there isn’t a single day of the year that every single person is happy with. Pick a date that works for you and your must-haves and move on.


How long do you want to be engaged?

When thinking about how long you’d like to be engaged it’s important to factor in how much time you can contribute to planning the wedding. If you plan to be engaged for 6 months, it’s important to be sure you have enough time to get your wedding in order. Yet if you are going to be engaged for a year or two you might find yourself wondering if you’re ever actually getting married. On one hand, you may have to move quickly, on the other hand things could move painfully slow. The idea is to find the perfect balance and move at your ideal pace.


Quickly become aware of your venue’s schedule

One thing you don’t want to do is wait too long to book a venue. Wedding venues can fill up quickly and not have the specific dates you want. Remember earlier when we spoke about flexibility? Now is the time to put that into action. When you’ve found a day that works for you, book it. Once you do that everything else will start to fall into place.


Planning a wedding may not be the easiest task, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult either. If you are being proactive and flexible it will alleviate much of the stress that can accompany setting a date. After all, what is important is the moment you share with the person you love and the kind of life you two have afterward. When you’re with the right person any date is the perfect date.